Portable Thickness Planer, 15 AMP

  • FUNCTION: This portable thickness planer serves as an essential tool and workhorse for a wide range of professional and DIY woodworking projects – specifically designed to repurpose wood (old, weathered and worn wood), while giving it an extraordinarily smooth finish.
  • EFFECTIVE: Has a heavy duty, anti-wobble base that’s ultra sturdy – providing a non-marring benchtop planer surface that will support an assortment of plane boards up to 12.5” wide and 6” thick.
  • POWERFUL: Combines an impressive 15 amp motor with an innovative 2 blade cutting system that delivers deep cuts into your hard woods (raw oak, pallet wood, walnut lumber) and more.
  • QUICK: A stainless steel precision cutter head allows this planer to deliver over 18,800 cuts per minute with a 9,400 RPM.


Specification Item Weight

Product Dimensions

PL1252T Horsepower(peak): 2

Motor: 120V, 60 Hz.

Cutter Head Speed: 9400 RPM.

Width of Stock: 12-1/2″.

Thickness of Stock: 6″.

Depth of Cut – 3/32″ for board less than 5″| 1/32″ for the board between 5″ to 12-1/2″.