Shop Roll 2 Inch x 50 Yard with 80/120/220 Grit Aluminum Oxide Grain and J Weighted Backing

This high performance abrasive roll is intended to handle many of your general purpose, blending, rough sanding, edge and contour sanding needs. Our shop rolls are used in a wide assortment of industry workshops, including: automotive, fabrication, paint, plumbing, and much more. Although not intended for drum sanding or belt sanding applications, many professionals utilize these sanding rolls for their woodworking projects.

  • INCLUDES: (1) Sanding Shop Roll
  • FUNCTION: These aluminum oxide rolls are designed for both general purpose, hand sanding and finishing applications. They can be used on hard woods, composites, ferrous alloys and non-ferrous metals with optimal results.
  • J-WEIGHT: A waterproof, hybrid type (35% cotton/ 65% polyester) cloth backing that possesses the lightest weight classification known for it’s superior flexibility.
  • 80 GRIT: The perfect medium grade abrasive material for dry rough sanding, edge sanding and contour sanders for woodworking projects.
  • SPECIFICATIONS: 1 inch by 50 yards long – The roll is conveniently packaged on a spool in a cardboard box and can quickly and easily be dispensed when placed on a suitable dispensing rod.

J-Weight Backing. Waterproof and super lightweight, this cloth backing is made with 35% cotton/ 65% polyester and is known for it’s flexibility while contouring.

Premium Quality
Able to resist common fractures often associated with deburring and finishing work, this roll is made with medium grade aluminum oxide grain, which is well known it’s durability and sharpness. The 80 grit profile allows it to work exceptionally well on hard woods, composites, ferrous alloys and non-ferrous metals for impressive results.

Conveniently Packaged
With over 50 yards of sandpaper material, our sanding shop roll is presented on a spool for quick and easy dispensing.


Grits Item Weight

Product Dimensions

49004T 80 Grit 3.84 pounds 9 x 9 x 2.44 inches
49005T 120 Grit 3.84 pounds 9 x 9 x 2.44 inches
49006T 220 Grit 3.84 pounds 9 x 9 x 2.44 inches